We believe that local and sustainable living are possible with permaculture.

When we care for the earth, we care for people.

When we care for people, we care for the earth.

When the earth and people are cared for, we find abundance.

At FIAT FARM, we desire to share the abundance that we have found.

Come be nourished.  Come take in the bounty.


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Some Whats and Whys of Permaculture

At Fiat Farm, we’ve chosen to apply the principles of permaculture. It all started when some Catholic, political-activist, eco-conscious, life-long-learner mamas, who were just starting or dreaming of starting homesteads told me about something that had caught their interest.  Two years in, we still consider ourselves baby “permies,” but we thought we’d share some of what … Continue reading Some Whats and Whys of Permaculture

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